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About John Carnie

John Carnie grew up in the Markham area under the wing of an artist mother and a father freshly picked from Aberdeen, Scotland.  His father became intensely passionate about his new home in Canada and often reveled in the beauty of northern landscapes - most notably Algonquin Provincial Park.  Blending the influence of an artist and a Canadian enthusiast bred a budding artist in John at a very young age. John practiced his drawing skills in nature on many a camping trip or family adventure and dabbled in comic book drawing as well (as many teenage boys do!).


As John matured in his craft and in life, he began to be influenced by the works of Robert Bateman.  Remarking at the detail and realism in his works, John began to mimic a similar style.  As he explored the works of various Canadian artists such as the Group of Seven and Edward Spera he began to develop his own style that focused heavily on water scenes in various Canadian points of interest (Peggy's Cove, Tofino, Algonquin - to name a few). 


John has become master of the sunset silhouette and the almighty canoe - which he escapes to whenever life gives him a chance.  He works in oils, acrylics and watercolours and also has a special talent in fine detailed drawings in charcoals and pencil. His apprecation for the natural world is evident in all of his works as he tries to highlight and illuminate the pristine beauty of the landscapes he encounters at home and abroad. 



He is the proud father of two children, London and Jasper and a quirky and loving husband to Alyscia.  John lives in Brooklin and works as a teacher in the Whitby area by day and can be found in his studio at night into the wee hours of the morning.



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